MPS are proud to have teamed up with a specialist design team to form a product that combines effortlessness, elegance and performance, crafted with a clarity of mind and vision that’s echoed in the clean, minimalist slim lines of the ÜniSlide panoramic door system. But slimness is not weakness – after years of design and engineering development, ÜniSlide delivers the robustness required varying climates.

Its beauty and superb performance are thanks to its simplicity and minimalist aesthetic. While the Üni_Slide door looks almost ethereal and slides effortlessly open; this exterior elegance is underpinned by a robustness and durability which is integral to the door’s high performance.

“Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.”

Le Corbusier


ÜniSlide is so simple in its design and is almost to the point that it appears to disappear. The visible frame sightline can be as small as 20mm with the central interlocking mullions only 60mm.


All parts are made from the finest composition of materials to the highest of exacting standards. Each panel slides with ease, but with a weight and rigidity that reflects its strength, quality and security.


The versatility of our aluminium extrusion systems allows the production of doors in a wide variety of colours inside and out. Doors can be assembled in a limitless run of units with each sliding panel up to 3m high and 2.2m wide, making it ideal for a wide variety of residential and commercial situations.

Manufacturing Expertise

ÜniSlide is manufactured to the highest standards in the UK and has been independently tested to British and European Standards. Additionally, ÜniSlide complies with building regulations and carries the CE mark, meaning it meets all regulatory requirements.

ÜniSlide is made of Aluminium and is available in any RAL colour.
ÜniSlide can be installed in a limitless run (subject to survey) made up of panels up to 2.2m wide and 3m high.

ÜniSlide’s weathertighness and safety standards are second to none

Thermal Performance

With a highly sophisticated 20mm labyrinth arrangement providing both an industry leading strength together with polyamide thermal separation this is the cornerstone of the ÜniSlide system. ÜniSlide capitalizes on these advantages offering the highest performance results.

Construction interfaces

Due to clever design ÜniSlide can be integrated within the building envelope therefore providing a level threshold with integrated drainage system that can easily be bespoke to each project and has proved to offer high standards of water evacuation together with invisible jamb profiles.

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