A Unique Replacement Front Door

Your front door is not only the entrance or exit to your home. A door can be something that distinguishes your home from your neighbours. Something that makes your house stand out and look individual. The right front door can define your homes character and there are so many different styles available. Sometimes a client wants a unique replacement front door.

With over 30 years experience, replacing a front door is something that we are very familiar with. Due to there being so much choice, many customers can find what they are looking for in a brochure. Every so often though, a project comes along that differs from the norm.

Spotlight on a local installation

The Property

Recently, a local customer came into our showroom to discuss having a new front door. He booked an appointment for us to visit his home look at the front door and top light. This was the original door that had been the entrance to his 1930s semi-detached Victorian property since it was built. Our client had decided that enough was enough and it was time to replace the tired timber front door. His reasons for wanting to replace his front door were the same as many others. The door had become stiff, an issue exacerbated by bad weather and was no longer fit for purpose. It had stopped working as it should and had become very draughty, jeopardising both the home’s security and warmth.

One of our sales executives visited the property at the agreed date and time. After discussing the design requirements, it became clear that what this customer desired could not simply be found in a brochure. Behind our customers entrance door, there was an internal door with side screens, all of which featured the original stained glass.

The Difference With MPS

Our client’s request was to have a piece of glass in the front door that was sympathetic to the design of the original. He also wanted the glazing in the top light to have the house number etched in.

We like to go over and above for our customers. Rather than picking the best-fit design from a brochure, we created the glass design that he really wanted. This was achieved by creating a custom template of the design, and then carefully selecting the colours and shades.

As well as having a specific request for glass design, this client also wanted to ensure that his door furniture was sympathetic to the original design. A traditional look was required as opposed to the typical chrome or satin silver. We are fortunate enough that we have built some great relationships with manufacturers over the years and are therefore able to offer our clients a vast range of products. With the request for traditional door furniture, we proposed a Solidor Beeston composite door with a black external finish, Irish oak internal finish complemented with pewter door furnishings.

The Next Stage

The customer accepted our quotation, and the glass was manufactured by one of our specialist glazing contacts that can assist with unique projects like these. The door was manufactured by Solidor and all items were delivered and installed within 5 weeks from survey.

Projects like these are exciting for us. The installation itself was not tricky, but the process was rewarding. Collaborating with a client to provide them with something that they really want is great. Our client now has a unique door that is sympathetic to the original design whilst providing modern performance and security. This could not have been achieved with an online door designer or a company that simply asked the customer to pick his door from a brochure.

Your Next Project

At MPS we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your disposal. If you are considering starting a new glazing project, no matter how unique your design requirements are, our team are here to help. We are on hand to discuss your project and give advice on the solutions that best suit your needs.

To find out more about how our glazing products could enhance your home, call our team on 01395 268712 or you can also get in touch via our contact form.



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