Conservatory Roofs – What Are My Options?

MPS Glass and Window Centre Limited. Conservatory Roofs – What Are My Options?

Conservatories have long been a welcome addition to homes. They provide desired extra living space but they haven’t always been able to be used in all seasons. Product evolution has changed this.

A main component of a conservatory is the roof. Typically, roofs are made from either polycarbonate or glass. Technology has greatly improved over the years and there are now more roof options available. These new and updated options can be used to either create a new conservatory that is a year round usable room, or be used as a replacement roof to turn your existing conservatory into a room again.

Whether you want a thermally efficient glass roof to let light pour in, a mixture of both glass and solid panels, or a lightweight tiled roof for a more traditional look, we have what you are searching for. Our range of conservatory roofs offer a lovely light room, but one that can be used as intended, all year long.

Conservatory Roofs - What Are My Options?
Anthracite grey conservatory and doors.

Roof Types Explained


Polycarbonate conservatory roofs provide a low cost roofing solution. A strong thermoplastic material that has a low production cost which offers a budget friendly solution. A roof that will withstand wind, rain and snow. The problem however, is that they offer little thermal insulation and noise reduction. Depending on the weather outside, your conservatory is likely to be very hot, cold or noisy. This can be the perfect choice for a room that is of limited use. For a room that is to be enjoyed as a living space, there are more suitable options.

White uPVC conservatory with a  Polycarbonate Roof.

High Performance Glass Roof

A glass roof is the most common among all conservatory roof types. These have been used for as long as conservatories have been around and give your room that typical conservatory feel. Glass roofs let the light flood in giving you a living space like no other. Glazing technology has advanced greatly in recent years. Thermally efficient self cleaning glazed roofs are available that will keep the traditional feel of a conservatory, but keep the room at the perfect temperature.

Hybrid Composite / Glass Roof

The hybrid roof has been designed to give you the option of having both solid and glazed panels. This offers the best of both worlds. Seamlessly providing the thermal performance of a solid roof whilst adding the light from a glazed roof. The solid sections of the roof are internally plastered and provide the ability to have a range of lighting and speaker options to enhance your living space. Hybrid roofs stands as an exceptional addition to any home and provide a living space to be enjoyed in any weather.

Hybrid Composite / Glass Roof

Composite Tiled Roof

Lightweight composite tiled roofs offer the most advanced conservatory roofing systems on the market to date. Providing a beautiful and authentic tiled finish that can integrate glazed panels, combining both elegant aesthetics and modern technology. The solid sections of the roof are internally plastered and provide the ability to have a range of lighting and speaker options to enhance your living space. This intelligent design gives the benefit of having the most thermally efficient roofing system possible. No more worries about scorching summer days or cold winter nights. This roofing system creates a room to be enjoyed, but all year long.

Composite Tiled Roof

How Do I Decide Which Roof Is Best For Me?

At MPS, we have the knowledge and expertise to help design your dream conservatory. From your initial contact with our consultants, all the way through to installation from our in house teams of builders and glazing installers, we ensure that you receive nothing less than the best. Our experts take into account your requirements, desires and budget to provide you with a design that meets your needs and gives you the extra living space that you’ve always dreamed of.

We are happy to provide a quotation online through our contact form but if you would prefer, we can arrange a visit to your property at a date and time suitable for you. We’re aware that budget is often a deciding factor and we are on-hand to talk you through the available options and offer our expert advice as market leaders for 30 years. 



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