How Much Do Windows Cost?

The cost of new windows is one of the most popular questions we get asked. Unfortunately the answer is not that simple. You may be able to find websites that offer a rough cost for windows, but these are usually just a cost for a basic off the shelf window and most of the time, without the cost of installation. Nothing that we install is off the shelf. We only ever install made to measure products, which is much more important than you might think.

How Much Do Windows Cost?

What Impacts The Price Of Windows


Windows come in a variety of materials. uPVC and Aluminium are both very popular options, but both have a different cost. Aluminium is a more expensive material than uPVC and this affects the cost of the finished window.


Coloured windows are more popular than ever, but they come at a cost. A coloured uPVC window goes through a process called ‘foiling’. The window frame starts off as white uPVC and then has a coloured foil applied to it, to give the window frame the desired finish. Aluminium windows are powder coated with a marine grade paint and come in a vast range of colours. As with all products, manufacturing time and resources will inevitably have an impact on the price.


Not all uPVC or Aluminium windows are the same. Different extrusion providers will offer an entirely different profile to begin with. Each extrusion provider will usually then offer a range of different styles of window from chamfered edge, sculptured edge, flush casement and more.


The size of the window can have a big impact on price. A large window requires a larger frame and more glass. Also, every window that we install is made to measure and not an ‘off the shelf’ window, which is much more effective. One of the primary functions of a window is to weatherproof a home. If a window is too big, it will not fit. If a window is too small then it can leave your home exposed to draughts, or worse, water penetration. It is very important to have a window of the correct size otherwise you can have endless problems, as we have seen with so many installations from companies that have cut corners.


Windows are available with many different types of configuration. Some windows are fixed, others will open. Opening windows can have one opener or several. This will impact on the materials used and therefore will affect the cost.


There are many different options when it comes to glass. Single, double or triple glazing are the most commonly understood options. Solar control, tinted and acoustic glass is also available. MPS offer a very wide variety of glass types and we can help you determine what you need. As standard, all of our double glazed units are ‘A’ energy rated at a minimum.

Installation Type

Installing windows properly takes time. Just how much time depends on many factors. Consideration needs to be given to what is being removed, unless the window is being installed into a new aperture. The level of internal and external finishing will also impact on the time required to carry out the installation to the highest professional standards. All in all, the amount of time required to install the window will have an affect on the price.

How Much Do Windows Cost?

Does It Have To Be So Complex?

With so many different variables, it may seem like it’s very hard to get an idea of how much new windows will cost.

Fortunately, at MPS we are committed to excellence and our team of experienced consultants will make the process very simple for you. We will speak to you about your wants and needs, measure your windows and take care of all of the hard work from there. We will then provide you with the most suitable, cost effective solution of having your windows installed to the highest standards achievable. For more information, or to book a free no obligation quotation, please visit our contact form.



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