5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Windows that need replacing are normally quite easy to spot. Whether it’s condensation in the glass, windows becoming hard to operate or simply a case of them being very old, there are signs that it is time to upgrade. Unfortunately windows do not last forever, although high quality windows can last for 30 years or more, replacing them at some stage is inevitable. Below, we explore 5 common signs that it’s time for change.

Poor Window Operation

Over time, parts can wear out and begin to fail. Even when maintained correctly, hinges and handles don’t last forever. It may be that some parts can be replaced, but the older the windows are, the harder they are to source due to industry advancements.

Failed Window Components

Eventually, sealed units will fail and you will start to see condensation. It is possible to change the unit only, which our glazing department can assist with. Depending on the age of the window, it may be that you have a thin glass unit, so a replacement double glazed unit will be much less energy efficient than a replacement window. As well as blown units, other problems we see are bowed windows, warped frames and shrunken gaskets. These are all signs that your windows need attention by either repair or replacement. Our experts will provide the best solution to your problem.

Poor Energy Performance

The window industry has introduced energy saving measures such as energy efficient spacer bars, low-e coatings and argon gas. Many measures have been taken to greatly increase energy performance. If you find yourself leaving your heating on in spring or you experience drafts, these are reasons to change your windows. This is more important now than ever with the increase in energy bills. Replacing your old windows with more energy efficient ones, could potentially save you hundreds of pounds per year.

Bad Soundproofing

The population is increasing, roads are getting busier and our surroundings are becoming louder. If your windows are old, the chances are, you hear a lot more of the noise from outside than you need to. Modern double glazing offers superior soundproofing over older windows. We can now also offer acoustic glazing which is a great option for homes in particularly busy areas. It’s not the high performing windows that improve the soundproofing, it’s also how well insulated and sealed the frames are during installation.

Tired Appearance

Your home should be something that you are proud of. Windows are one of the biggest external features of a home. Simply replacing old, tired windows with a modern alternative can transform your home instantly. Coloured uPVC and aluminium windows are also a very popular option and can really make your home stand out from the crowd.

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