What is a Flush Casement Window?

What is a Flush Casement Window?

Infinity flush casement uPVC windows and door in foiled anthracite grey. Composite tiled Ultraroof.

Flush casement windows are now a very popular option for homeowners. This is due to their even sight lines and aesthetic appearance, but what are they?

Simply put, when the window is closed, the whole window sits flush. This creates a smooth, flat surface on the outside of the window. This is unlike a traditional casement window where the sash protrudes from the outer frame.

Flush windows are not a new concept, traditionally a lot of timber windows were made to fit flush within the frame. Since then, casement windows with a lip became more and more popular. What we now consider a standard casement window has been the most popular choice among homeowners and property developers. 

Due to exciting advancements within the glazing industry, we are now seeing the rise of the flush casement window. With uPVC and aluminium versions available, you can choose modern, maintenance free flush windows. You can also pick from a huge array of colours to suit all homes.

Why Would I Have Flush Casement Windows In My Home?

Traditional Style 

Flush casement timber windows have been around for centuries and many people love the look. Traditional is timeless and a modern twist has enhanced the beauty.

Perfectly Balanced Sightlines

Our sight lines are balanced and equal. A flush external finish paired with dummy sashes create a window that is more visually appealing than a standard window.

Virtually Maintenance Free

We cannot take away from the beauty of timber windows however they do need a lot of care. Timber can swell, shrink, warp and twist depending on the weather. Also, paint flakes, fades and peels. uPVC and aluminium windows on the other hand are tough, durable and insulating. They need very little care. They open easily and when they are closed, they are secure.


Modern timber flush casement windows can be expensive to purchase, and expensive to maintain. uPVC flush casement windows are generally far cheaper to buy than their timber counterparts with little to no cost to maintain.

Conservation Areas

Planning authorities are recognising that there is a fine line between preserving the past, and being stuck in it. As the look of timber alternative flush windows has been perfected, they are becoming more accepted. They can now be found in conservation areas and even listed homes. There are many period colours, especially in uPVC with wood effect finishes, including grained timber, painted white and cream plus many more.

If you would like to read more about flush casement windows, please click here.

Infinity flush casement windows in English oak foiled uPVC.

How Much Are They?

Naturally, uPVC is more of a low cost option than aluminium and a more popular choice. As with all projects we undertake, the cost is determined by the amount of windows and doors, the dimensions, specification, finishing and glass choice. It is very difficult to provide an estimate for a project without knowing all of your requirements. We are happy to provide a quotation online through our contact form or we can arrange a visit to your property at a date and time suitable for you. We are aware that budget is often a deciding factor and we are on-hand to talk you through the available options and offer our expert advice as market leaders for 30 years. 



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