Conservatory Design Ideas

It’s common knowledge that all conservatories come at a cost, however when the perfect conservatory is designed it gives back so much more, in both extra living space and value to your property.

Whether you’re looking at extending your home, looking to build a new living or office space, or simply exploring your options, we have put together some top tips on visioning your ideal conservatory based on the existing style of your home.

Modern Properties

Most modern homes can pull off almost any style conservatory due to its flexible architecture.

It’s very common to see glass extensions on modern properties because the way they fill the new living space with natural light through large single panes of glass, with the glass normally being supported by frame brickwork beautifully complementing the PVC and/or Aluminium finish.

This style is perfect for seamlessly integrating your new conservatory with the rest of your property, making it not only an extension, but part of your home.

Small Properties

A great way of adding living space to a smaller property is of course a conservatory, however not all designs complement a smaller home due to typically smaller gardens and outdoor living space. Both rectangular and square shaped conservatories are ideal for small homes with alcoves or protrusions as they fit perfectly with the shape of the house creating a more balanced appearance.

A domed roof is always an excellent option for creating vertical space without taking up too much outdoor area. Classic conservatories come in all shapes and materials, and what you lack in living space, you can make up with thoughtful design which will complement your home.

Period Properties

Designing the perfect conservatory for a period property requires a lot more thought. This is because period homes tend to hold on to original architectural features, which would make more modern PVCu conservatory designs look out of place.

This being said, an orangery offers an excellent go between, boasting a modern feel whilst maintaining a period like design.

Tiled roof extensions are also a fantastic option for extending your period property, you just need to ensure you match all existing brickwork and materials to create a seamless design that works throughout your home.



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