Choosing your Conservatory


Whether you are looking for extra living space, a way to enjoy the sun all year round, or to simply add value to your property, either way a beautifully designed conservatory will be an extraordinary addition to your home.

So how do you choose the right conservatory for you? The main points to keep in mind when considering a new conservatory are:


  • It’s main role within your home
  • Your existing home aesthetics
  • Style of Conservatory
  • Cost of the Conservatory

What’s your main purpose for a Conservatory?

This is an important question to answer early on, as many factors such as design and style of conservatory will be dependent on what plans you have for your new living space. For example, if you wanted a large new warm living area, you would opt for an Orangery, Victorian or T-Shaped Conservatory. On the other hand, if you were looking for a smaller space to use your washing machine or dryer etc then a smaller lean-to style conservatory would be more appropriate.

Kitchen and Dining room conservatories are growing in popularity with home owners, as they give a warming and relaxing atmosphere to dine and socialise with natural lighting, making them perfect for family occasions.

Conservatory Styles

Traditional conservatories such as Victorian and Edwardian tend to appeal more to complementing older properties, due to the timeless design and visual compatibility.

Contemporary and Traditional are the two styles of conservatories. Contemporary conservatories tend to adopt a bespoke design, giving a modern look. However, this doesn’t mean a contemporary conservatory design can’t complement a period property with the use of a well-designed and complementing structure.

Cost of Conservatory

Investing in a new conservatory is an important decision for any homeowner and it’s worth keeping in mind your budget before searching for the new living space of your dreams. As previously mentioned, conservatories come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Prices vary due to the high chance of bespoke design needed for your new conservatory to seamlessly fit with your property’s design and structure.

We have a dedicated conservatory specialist team in Devon who are on hand to take you through different conservatory options that best fit your home.



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